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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Trunk or Treat!

It went really well!  Zoe didn't get a ton of candy but that's okay, Halloween is next week and she'll get WAY more.. and according to my friend, in her neighborhood they give out BIG candy bars, so it's all good..  anyway here are some pictures.. more of Ruthie but Zoe's not inclinded to be photographed these days.

 This picture is classic.. it says "WHY AM I WEARING THIS RIDICULOUS OUTFIT??"   You can tell she's kind of peeved.  It might be the stroller more than anything else though.

 I love this picture of Ruthie!  She's kind of leaning back a bit and looking over her shoulder, which is so adorable!

 And here's Zoe in her costume giving a crazy face!
In case you can't tell they are both little skunks.  Anyway, that's all.. I will post more pictures after Halloween gets here!


Butler Family said...

Your kids are ADORABLE!! They look so cute in their outfits:) And holy cow I can't believe how BIg they are getting:)

Butler Family said...

I should have added you in there to Amber. You aren't the one who made me write my rant. TRSUT ME!!! You were just trying to HELP me and I do understand that!! And trust me I appreciate what you said. I am sorry I didn't write you in there but you had NOTHING to do with my rant Iactually think your criticism (sp) helped so thanks for that!! Love you