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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pictures of Oscar!

Well, here's some pictures we have of Oscar!

Here's Oscar minutes after being born! This is the picture I sent out to family and friends announcing his arrival.

See, he was really 8 lbs, 9 oz!

He really likes sucking on his thumb. Taken 4/15/11
I love this expression! Taken 4/23/11

Oscar sucking his thumb after taking a bath. He sure loves that thumb. 4/23/11
Being wiggly on the quilt that I made for him. 4/25/11

Laying on his belly on the quilt I made. Love that little pout! 4/25/11

And of course, can't forget a picture of the kids together.. kind of sad this is the first one, but we can work on getting more.. although I think it captures all of them perfectly.
Zoe's usually a nut, Ruthie is nosy and Oscar just sleeps... 4/24/11

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Natalie said...

Adorable little guy! What kind of newborn cloth diapers did/are you using? I have #2 on the way and we didn't use cloth with our first when he was a NB, so I'm looking for opinions! (If you want to leave a comment on one of my recent cloth diaper posts that'd be great!)

Thanks for the follow!